2022-05-10 Toyota Tsusho Enters Capital and Operational Partnership Agreement with QunaSys - Using Quantum Computers to Resolve Customer Issues -

Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today that it has signed a capital and operational partnership agreement with QunaSys Inc. ("QunaSys"), a company that conducts research and development as well as practical-level engineering of quantum computer algorithms, with the aim of accelerating business development of chemical calculation programs for quantum computers.

1. Background

The development of quantum computers and research on methods of utilizing them is expected to be put into early use in the field of chemical materials development. The use of materials informatics*1, which is data-driven research and development, is progressing in the chemical industry. There are high expectations for the realization of fast and efficient materials design using computational science simulations at the electronic and atomic levels. QunaSys is an industry-leading start-up company that is developing the quantum chemical calculation software QamuyTM*2 for quantum computers, which is expected to be used in simulations during materials design in chemical materials development.

2. Operational Partnership Purpose and Future Development

Toyota Tsusho has been developing businesses utilizing quantum computers since 2017. Through this capital and operational partnership, Toyota Tsusho will use its customer base in Japan and overseas to sell and promote the use of services provided by QunaSys. In addition, by further strengthening the collaborative relationship between the companies, Toyota Tsusho will aim to resolve customer issues, such as DX in user materials development and the acceleration of new materials development, by providing new chemical materials development methods through the packaging of commercial products related to materials informatics.

Toyota Tsusho will use QunaSys’ technological expertise in quantum computers and further develop the field of quantum computing applications to resolve social issues that are emerging in Toyota Tsusho’s business foundation.

*1 Materials informatics: Chemical materials development methods using the latest digital technologies based on theories of computational and information science
*2 QamuyTM: A cloud service developed by QunaSys for quantum chemical calculations that use quantum algorithms

Overview of QunaSys

Company name
QunaSys Inc.
Aqua Hakusan Building, 9th Floor, 1-13-7 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
February 2018
President Tennin Yan
Business description
Software development for quantum computers, consulting on quantum technologies

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